Basics of group relations: Bion’s basic assumption groups

This is the second in a five-ish post series on the background and basics of group relations. Read part one here. A key figure in the history and development of group relations was Wilfred Bion (1897-1979). (Incidentally, he is also the originator of the quote that inspired the title of this blog – “The purest […]

Quick post: A few good links

Hi there! I have a big series of posts on the way, but since they’re not quite done yet I thought I’d post a few interesting links to keep the blog from being totally dark all week. From the January issue of Psychology Today, a heartbreaking account of living a lie, The Secret That Became […]


Every year in late December a little flurry of blog posts and articles come out on the general theme of “New Year’s Resolutions: Don’t Bother”. Some take a scientific tack, outlining the psychological and neuroscientific research as to why around 88% of resolutions fail, like this post. Others take a more life-coaching approach, giving tips […]