Basics of Group Relations Revisited: What’s it like?

Now that I’ve actually been to a group relations conference – I survived the spiral! – I’m taking a second look at my initial group relations impressions to see how my perceptions have changed. One thing I didn’t get after the Psychoanalytic Understanding of Organizations course was how exhausting a group relations conference can be. […]

Basics of group relations: Bion’s basic assumption groups

This is the second in a five-ish post series on the background and basics of group relations. Read part one here. A key figure in the history and development of group relations was Wilfred Bion (1897-1979). (Incidentally, he is also the originator of the quote that inspired the title of this blog – “The purest […]

The basic assumptions of group relations

This is the first in a 5-ish part series about the experience of group relations. Although the tagline of this blog is “The young person’s guide to group relations”, you may have noticed that I haven’t written all that much on the supposed topic. This is because up until very recently I didn’t really have […]

This is not an armchair psychoanalysis of Rob Ford

One of my favourite advice websites, Captain Awkward, has a commenting rule: no remote diagnoses. No matter how much the letter writer’s annoying aunt reminds you of your mother, you can’t diagnose someone with Borderline Personality Disorder based on the description of a biased third party. This is good advice, but rarely followed (even on […]

Hate in the countertransference, part 2: Winnicott vs. Britzman vs. Freud

I feel I need to write this post in the form of an excel spreadsheet. Partly because I have spreadsheets on the brain right now, but also because there’s a lot of info, and when the only tool you have is “SUMIF”, everything looks like a conditionally-formatted cell. ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONAL JOKE! This is like the […]

Transference in education: Britzman at the CNPC conference

This past Friday I had the pleasure of attending part of the Canadian Network for Psychoanalysis and Culture’s first conference, The Freudian Legacy. I attended Deborah Britzman’s plenary talk “An unexpected novelty: Reading Freud’s technique papers with the arrival of pedagogy” and a panel session called Transsexualities featuring Oren Gozlan, Patricia Elliot, Trish Salah, and Sheila Cavanagh. I must state […]