Change can be good or bad; depending on your point of view – Tenzin from Legend of Korra Our 20s are some of the most transitional periods of our lives. We go from the familiarity of being students, with limited responsibilities and supportive mentors, to suddenly being hit with the term ‘adult’ and all that […]

Three Faces of Poverty: Who are the poor?

Looking back over the past few weeks of anti-poverty posts, I have thoughts. On one hand I’m impressed with the thought and effort that has gone into the various poverty reduction strategies. A lot of very smart people have been working very hard to fight poverty, which is great. On the other hand, I find […]

Three faces of poverty: Poverty and Plenty, Saint John

This is the second part of a three-part series on poverty in Canada. You can find the background and rest of the series here. Canada’s East Coast is celebrated for its long history and vibrant culture. However, the decline of shipbuilding, fisheries, and other maritime industries have left Eastern Canada with relatively high levels of […]

Three faces of poverty: Introduction

As part of an ongoing Bureau Kensington project I’ve been researching poverty and poverty reduction in three Canadian cities. Bureau Kensington, as a social justice-oriented organization, is committed to poverty reduction and economic justice, as well as to using the tools and techniques of group relations to achieve those goals. So to kill two birds […]


Any history is a choice. The events and incidents that make up the story are not selected by accident, but by a complex intersection of structural and personal biases – what is known is known because it props up one story or another, because it reinforces a popular, comforting, or culturally important belief. The story […]