My name is Kristin, and I am a musician. I am a classical singer specializing in bel canto opera and weirdo contemporary music. You can listen to me sing here, and you can read my unfortunately very occasional personal/writing blog here.

But this blog is not (mostly) about my musical career, such as it is. Long story short, I have a dog with a very expensive medical condition and a toddler who’s very healthy but otherwise a walking money pit, and as no one from the Met has been calling me (YET) I started looking for a job that I could do in addition to music. My criteria were: 10-15 hours a week, not stressful, and not evil.

I lucked out and got a job with a consulting firm, Bureau Kensington, whose practice revolves around group relations, organizational change, and psychoanalysis. And as I learn about this totally novel field – novel to me, anyway – I find myself both completely over my head and really enjoying the process of learning and reflecting.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from doing music and teaching music lessons, it’s that you only really learn something when you’ve successfully explained it to something else. So that’s what this blog is for: for me to educate myself in these topics by exploring them with you, dear reader, and hopefully passing on some information that will help you in your life and work.

Comment policy: Comments are moderated. Hate speech and hateful attacks against myself or fellow commenters are not permitted and will result in banning. Other things which may result in your banning are linkspamming, refusing to stick to the topic at hand, and annoying me.


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