I’ll be seeing you

It’s traditional to title posts like this “All good things…” of “The best is yet to come” or “A farewell to blogs” or something like that. Or, if you like semi-puns, “For whom the blog tolls”?

It’s also traditional to put a paragraph or two on the decline of blogging – people post their personal stuff on social media now! Nobody has the patience to read a whole blog post these days! You can’t get famous by setting up a minimally-styled Blogger site and posting your half-baked political essays anymore! Insert GIF of a celebrity looking dismayed here!

While the professionalization and therefore narrowing of the blogosphere is certainly a thing, it is not the reason that, as you may have guessed, On Memory and Desire is going dark. Has gone dark, I should say, as the past year of silence probably tipped you off to the fact that it was at the very least extremely dim. I stopped writing it because a) I got pulled onto other projects and didn’t have time anymore; b) I was on maternity leave for a while and c) the concept of “A young person’s guide to group relations” felt kind of done. The blog and its posts will stay up, in case you ever wanted to revisit OMAD’s greatest hits:

But never fear! If you are among the two or three dozen people who like my writing, you can read more of me at Applied Psychoanalysis, BKI’s new blog on the nexus of psychoanalysis, group relations, and social justice.

Thanks for lending me your eyes for a time and entertaining my weird thoughts about the weirdest thing of all – the human mind.


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