Three faces of poverty: Introduction

As part of an ongoing Bureau Kensington project I’ve been researching poverty and poverty reduction in three Canadian cities. Bureau Kensington, as a social justice-oriented organization, is committed to poverty reduction and economic justice, as well as to using the tools and techniques of group relations to achieve those goals. So to kill two birds with one stone I thought some of the stuff I’ve been learning would make terrific blog fodder, and here we are.

This will be a three-part series, with new posts appearing each week. If I feel particularly inspired I may write a conclusion and make it a four-part series. I’ll update this post as we go so all the links will be in one place.

Part 1: A brief, personal history of Parkdale

Part 2: Poverty and Plenty, Saint John


4 thoughts on “Three faces of poverty: Introduction

  1. Madam first try to understand the root meaning of poverty.
    Poverty means one with specific lack of resource. Poverty is man made philosophy. The right usage of mind enables even the poorest man to get rid of it.

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