Adventures in Photoshop (and other miscellaneous stuff)

I have a more serious post on the way, but it won’t be done for another few days and I want to put something up this week. So here is some random stuff that’s going on.

– I made a poster!

tps streetcar flyer draft 3

I happen to think very highly of my posters. Every indie musician needs to be able to make a basic poster, and after about 13 years of practice I think I have it down to a science. My graphic design process is “find background image, put text on it in a hopefully legible manner, and play around with fonts until it looks semi-OK”. The results, I think, speak for themselves.

(I didn’t actually make it with Photoshop – my old copy of Photoshop isn’t really functional anymore and I have no desire to pay Adobe $9.99/month for eternity, so I did it with Gimp. As well as having a name that’s an ableist slur, Gimp is really hard to use, so yay me.)

– I also created a Prezi of the same thing with the same background image. Like the poster, only with ZOOMS. I love Prezi.

– Aldona Kaczkowski, creator of the Working Beauty webcomic I mentioned last week, very kindly got in touch and sent me a link to her web store. You can actually buy the “I survived the spiral” T-Shirts! I bought one and will post an awkward selfie of me wearing it when it arrives. Also I have been reading the back catalogue of the comic and there is some awesome weird stuff with aliens, all in the corporate setting. Check it out if you can.

– Today’s Google Doodle honoured Hermann Rorschach and his famous test.

As far as I can tell this is the first time a psychoanalyst has been honoured with a doodle. Neat!


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