The group relations blogosphere (such as it is)

If you are like me, the very first thing you do when you need to learn about something is Google it. I do not know what I did before constant Internet access (which I’ve only had for about 6 years, BTW – I somehow made it to my late 20s without Twitter or Netflix). I literally do not remember how I went about my daily life without being instantly able to answer the question “What was Dougie Howser’s best friend’s name?” (Vinnie, in case you were wondering.)

So when I got this job I started looking for resources to learn about group relations online. There is a decent amount of information around – more to follow on that later – but what struck me was the complete lack of an informal online community.

There is a thriving psychoanalysis and psychotherapy blogosphere, mostly centring around Psychology Today. But if you google “group relations blog”, this blog you are reading right now is the second result. This isn’t because I’m so amazing that I’ve rocketed to the top of the group relations blogosphere, it’s because there really isn’t one. The group relations blogosphere is…me and Larry Hirschhorn.

I am only one person with one blog (on this subject anyway), so I can’t do much more than this to jumpstart a group relations conversation online, but I thought I’d compile a list of helpful links and so on to get you started learning about group relations. Then you can start your own group relations blog and we can get something going here.

So here are some helpful links…

– Me.
Larry Hirschhorn
– The blog at “Surviving Work” (more on this site to come)

Resources on basic principles
– The Tavistock Institute’s primer on group relations
The Lewinian Principles
– An overview of BART (pdf)

Other stuff
Surviving Work: a really interesting site that solicits and collates reader stories about/tips and strategies for, as the title says, “surviving work” – in other words, increasing mental health and happiness in the workplace. Run by The Resilience Space, an eclectic group of mental health professionals and artists, with vague links to the Tavistock Institute.
This cartoon. There’s a short series on the group relations conference – start at the last link and click forward a few times to see it all. I have not yet been to a group relations conference so I don’t know how accurate it is, but it certainly seems on the nose.
– Wikipedia. Lots of interesting articles on action research, group behaviour, T-groups, and a whole long list of articles on psychoanalysis.
– Human Relations (the main group relations journal) puts out occasional podcasts and vodcasts on specific topics. A bit academic-y, but at least you can listen while you’re walking the dog or whatever.

Have I found them all? What other blogs, sites, resources, podcasts, videos, cartoons, or whatever should be on this list? Leave your additions in the comments!


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