Interesting reads

This is not a real post, just a couple of interesting things I saw in the blogroll this week. On The Feminist wire: “Nina’s win epitomizes Audre Lorde’s comment, ‘The master’s tools will not dismantle the master’s house.’”; a heartbreaking post on how mothering made one woman understand her own mother better; and the month-long […]

Transference in education: Britzman at the CNPC conference

This past Friday I had the pleasure of attending part of the Canadian Network for Psychoanalysis and Culture’s first conference, The Freudian Legacy. I attended Deborah Britzman’s plenary talk “An unexpected novelty: Reading Freud’s technique papers with the arrival of pedagogy” and a panel session called Transsexualities featuring Oren Gozlan, Patricia Elliot, Trish Salah, and Sheila Cavanagh. I must state […]

A brief history of group relations

Before coming to work for Bureau Kensington, I had never even heard of group relations. Which is too bad, because it’s a fascinating and, I think, really important field. Group relations is the brainchild of a group of psychiatrists, psychologists and sociologists from The Tavistock Clinic (eventually the Tavistock Institute) who were interested in applying […]