I’ll be seeing you

It’s traditional to title posts like this “All good things…” of “The best is yet to come” or “A farewell to blogs” or something like that. Or, if you like semi-puns, “For whom the blog tolls”? It’s also traditional to put a paragraph or two on the decline of blogging – people post their personal […]


Change can be good or bad; depending on your point of view – Tenzin from Legend of Korra Our 20s are some of the most transitional periods of our lives. We go from the familiarity of being students, with limited responsibilities and supportive mentors, to suddenly being hit with the term ‘adult’ and all that […]

Why war?

In 1932 a rather poignant exchange of correspondence took place between Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud. This was never intended as private correspondence, but was published in a very limited edition a year later, after Hitler’s rise to power. Even if this had been a mere private exchange, both Freud and Einstein were so famous […]

Basics of Group Relations Revisited: What’s it like?

Now that I’ve actually been to a group relations conference – I survived the spiral! – I’m taking a second look at my initial group relations impressions to see how my perceptions have changed. One thing I didn’t get after the Psychoanalytic Understanding of Organizations course was how exhausting a group relations conference can be. […]

Basics of Group Relations: Group defences against anxiety

This is the fourth in a five-ish part series on the background and basics of group relations. Read parts one, two, and three. It’s an axiom of group relations that, just like the way we organize our lives can illuminate our preoccupations and hang-ups, institutional policies can illuminate the preoccupations and the anxieties of the […]

Basics of group relations: Projection and projective identification

This is the third in a five-ish part series on the background and basics of group relations. Read parts one and two here. For whatever reason, some psychoanalytic concepts have thoroughly entered the mainstream. They may not be present in the popular consciousness as fully realized ideas but as bits of pop psychological parlance – […]

Basics of group relations: Bion’s basic assumption groups

This is the second in a five-ish post series on the background and basics of group relations. Read part one here. A key figure in the history and development of group relations was Wilfred Bion (1897-1979). (Incidentally, he is also the originator of the quote that inspired the title of this blog – “The purest […]